Appendix E

Data Summaries for the PAMS Stations Operating in
Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia

Notes regarding the format of the tables:
Station name is in upper left corner (e.g., Aldino)
Units: VOCs are in parts per billion carbon (ppbc)
      Criteria and related pollutants in parts per million
(Nitric oxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Oxides of nitrogen, Carbon monoxide, Ozone )
Columns of Data:
      ST = State number
      CTY = County number
      SITE = Monitoring site number
      POC = Parameter occurrence code
      YR = Year
      INT = Interval: 1 means hourly data, B means 3-hour averages
      PARM # = Number assigned to pollutant measured
      NAME = Name of pollutant measured
      count = Number of samples collected for that pollutant for that year
      ave = Mean concentration of the pollutant for that year (summer time only)
      std = Standard deviation
      min = Minimum concentration measured
      1st max = Highest concentration measured
      2nd max = Second-highest concentration measured
      3rd max = Third-highest concentration measured
      4th max = Fourth-highest concentration measured

Sources: M: Table prepared by Ted Erdman, US Environmental Protection Agency, Region III, Philadelphia, PA, based on data from EPA's AIRS data base of air quality data.

Table: Data Summary for Aldino
Table: Data Summary for Clifton
Table: Data Summary for Corbin
Table: Data Summary for Essex
Table: Data Summary for Fort Meade
Table: Data Summary for Jackson
Table: Data Summary for Lab Philly
Table: Data Summary for Lums Pond
Table: Data Summary for McMillan
Table: Data Summary for Rider College


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