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03/01/2010Improving Estimates of Air Pollutant Emissions in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States: A Workshop Report and SummaryEmissionsMultiple Pollutants
02/01/2010Experience in Reducing Diesel Emissions from Waste Haulers, Fire Engines, & Cranes: Report on the 2007–2010, Mid-Atlantic Diesel Collaborative Demonstration Grant - (PDF Format) Control TechnologyDiesel
1/29/2009Emissions Factors for Condensable Particulate Matter Emissions From Electric Generating UnitsEmissionsEGU
10/31/2011MARAMA 2007/2017/2020 Modeling Emissions Inventory Version 2 Preliminary Trends AnalysisEmissions Multiple Pollutants
8/16/2009Documentation of 2018 Emissions from Electric Generating Units in the Eastern United States for MANE-VU's Regional Haze ModelingEmissionsEGU
6/1/2008Report on the Mid-Atlantic Truck Engine Idle Reduction Technology Demonstration Program Webpage Control TechnologyDiesel
7/9/2007Assessment of Reasonable Progress for Regional Haze in MANE-VU Class I Areas Final Report-Control TechnologyRegional Haze
5/30/2007Comparison of CAIR and CAIR Plus Proposal Using the Integrated Planning Model (IPM®) Emissions EGU
2/19/2007Assessment of Control Technology Options for Petroleum Refineries in the Mid-Atlantic Region Control Technology Refinery
2/1/2007Development of Emissions Projections for 2009, 2012, and 2018 for NonEGU Point, Area, and Nonroad Sources in the MANE-VU Region Emissions Multiple Pollutants
12/19/2006The Control Analysis and Documentation for Residential Wood Combustion in the MANE-VU Region Emissions Residential Wood
10/1/2006MANE-VU Construction Management Technical Support Document Planning Regional Haze
9/1/2006MANE-VU Smoke Management Technical Support Document Planning Regional Haze
6/1/2006An Analysis of Speciated PM2.5 Data in the MARAMA Region (12MB) Data Analysis PM2.5
10/1/2005A Guide to Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Quality Data Analysis Conceptual Model
7/1/2005Correlating Federal Reference Method and Continuous PM2.5 Monitors in the MARAMA Region Data Analysis PM2.5
03/01/2005Source Apportionment Analysis of Air Quality Monitoring Data - Phase II (Report web page) Data Analysis Source Apportionment
11/10/2004The Development of PM2.5 Forecasting Tools for Selected Cities in the MARAMA Region Data Analysis Forecasting
11/10/2004PM2.5 Forecasting Project Final Report: Appendix A Data Analysis Forecasting
7/1/2004MANE-VU Residential Wood Combustion Survey, and Emissions Inventory Development Report Emissions Residential Wood
1/1/2004MANE-VU Open Burning in Residential Areas, Emissions Inventory Development Report Emissions Open Burning
10/13/2003Residential Wood Combustion Coordination Project Report Emissions Residential Wood
10/1/2003Evaluating Petroleum Industry VOC Emissions in Delaware, New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania Emissions Refinery
5/1/2002Source Apportionment Analysis of IMPROVE and Castnet Data--Phase 1 Report (Link to report website) Data Analysis Source Apportionment
12/1/2001CMU Ammonia Emissions Inventory Project (Link to project website)Emissions Ammonia
8/1/2001Preliminary Work Plan for Emissions Inventory Improvement for Regional Haze Planning Emissions Regional Haze
7/1/2001Work Plan for a Survey to Determine Residential Wood Combustion Activity and Open Burning ActivityEmissionsResidential Wood
3/1/2001Assessment of Emissions Inventory Needs for Regional Haze PlansEmissionsRegional Haze
06/01/2000MARAMA PM2.5 Data Management ToolData AnalysisPM2.5
5/1/2000Reconciliation of an Emissions Inventory with PAMS Ambient Monitoring Data in the Mid-Atlantic RegionData AnalysisOzone Precursors
3/1/2000A Review of Mobile Source Emission Inventories in the Mid-Atlantic Region by PECHAN-Avanti GroupEmissionsMobile Sources
11/1/1999Characteristics of Volatile Organic Compounds in the Mid-Atlantic Region
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Data AnalysisOzone Precursors
10/1/1999Summary of Mid-Atlantic 8-Hour Ozone Data, 1986-1997 Data AnalysisOzone
7/1/1999Comparison of 8-Hr and 1-Hr Ozone Exceedances in the Mid-Atlantic Region Data AnalysisOzone
2/1/1999Validation of PAMS VOC Data in the Mid-Atlantic RegionData AnalysisOzone Precursors
6/1/19971995 Ozone AtlasData Analysis Conceptual Model
5/1/2010Report on the MANE-VU 2009 Science Meeting - Total Reactive Nitrogen: Regional Haze Impacts & Mitigation Options (PDF Format)Planning Regional Haze
03/01/2011Analysis of 2007 Emissions from Power Plants and Other Large Combustion Sources in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United StatesEmissionsEGU
09/01/2011Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Visibility Union Second Interim ReportPlanningRegional Haze
03-30-2012National Air Quality Training Project: Catalog of CoursesTraining
09/01/2011National Air Quality Training Project: Technical Needs Training SummariesTrainingAll
03/30/2012National Air Quality Training Project: Professional Development Training GuideTrainingAll
02/14/2012National Air Quality Training Project: Gap Analysis Concerning Professional Competencies ReportTrainingAll