Radisson Plaza - Warwick Hotel Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
March 22-23, 2010

Workshop Overview:

This workshop included topics on matching the type of limit to the purpose, choosing an averaging period, monitoring, bringing it all together, credible evidence, and permit streamlining. EPA Region III pulled together the agenda and instructors for the course.  Diane McNally-EPA Region III facilitated the workshop and the instructors included Pat Foley–EPA Headquarters, Peter Westlin–EPA OAQPS, Paul Wentworth-EPA Region III, and Donna Mastro-EPA Region III.

(All presentations are available in PDF format)

Final Agenda

Clean Air Act Emission Limits (updated 4/20)
Patrick Foley - US EPA

Limit Setting: Averaging Times and Statistical Analysis
Patrick Foley - US EPA

Control Device Technology (updated 4/20)
Peter Westlin - US EPA OAQPS

Guidance on Establishing Monitoring to Comply with CAM and Other Requirements
Peter Westlin - US EPA OAQPS

Monitoring Frequency and Gap Filling Issues
Donna Mastro/Kathleen Anderson/Peter Westlin - US EPA

Case Studies - Presentation (updated 4/20)
Peter Westlin - US EPA OAQPS

The Credible Evidence Rule
Peter Westlin - US EPA OAQPS

Streamlining Multiple Applicable Requirements
Paul Wentworth - US EPA Region III