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Background Information  

MARAMA is cooperating with NESCAUM and the OTC to provide staff support to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regional Planning Organization (MANE-VU). MANE-VU is an organization of states and tribes working together to improve visibility and implement the requirements of EPA's regional haze rule.

Section 16.9A of the Clean Air Act requires the "prevention of any future, and the remedying of any existing, impairment of visibility in Class I areas which impairment results from manmade air pollution."  Class I areas are national parks exceeding 6000 acres, wilderness areas and national memorial parks exceeding 5000 acres, and all international parks in existence on August 7, 1977.  There are 156 Class I areas in the U.S., including seven in the MANE-VU region:

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Reasonable Progress Goals Project

Emissions Inventory Projects

Residential Wood Combustion Project

MANE-VU Regional Haze SIP Planning

Reports & Tools  

  • Residential Wood Combustion and Open Burning Survey and Work Plan Development

    • Final Report - July 2001 Work Plan for a Survey to Determine Residential Wood Combustion Activity and Open Burning Activity (PDF format)
    • Fact Sheet - July 2001 (MS Word format)

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Updated: August 8, 2008