Instructional Resources

Learning about Learning

Instructors are encouraged to refer to these resources prior to attempting to teach this course. As an instructor you will be challenged in three ways:

  • Each student in your class learns differently

  • The average student has a 15 minute attention span

  • The long-term retention of material transmitted via lecture is 10%

This course has been designed to maximize student engagement and material retention via a more balanced course offering. The resource documentation will prepare you for teaching in this environment.

Click on Learning about Learning to download information on the following:

  • Learning Style

  • Attention Level

  • Learning Cycle

  • Retention

    • Share

    • Hear

    • Connect

    • Reflect

    • Respond

    • Grow


We’ve included a selection of presentations that state and local agencies have used for presenting air pollution information to their staff and as part of outreach.  Feel free to borrow the slides they have developed to be used in your presentations.

Updated Materials

Prior to conducting any training, the instructor should familiarize himself or herself with the material provided.  Additionally, we note that regulations do change over time.  Therefore, it is critical that the presenter review any changes made since the development of the initial course offering in January 2007.   There are several websites that can be checked for these types of updates.

US EPA Air Topics

US EPA Air Quality

US EPA Air Trends